Central Heating Combi Boiler Installation Guide

Can I Have a Combi Boiler Installation?

Providing you have enough mains water pressure, typically around 9 litres per minute for a small 24 kW combi boiler or up to 25 litres per minute on some, then there shouldn’t be a problem with having a combi boiler installation in your home.

The bigger your home is, the bigger the boiler you need and therefore the more mains water pressure you need.

What size boiler do I need?

A 24 kW boiler is the smallest combi boiler you can get. This size is great for flats and small houses with only one bathroom. If you have two bathrooms, then a 30 kW or similar size should be the right size for your home. This could mean getting a 28 kW or 32 kW depending on which combi boiler Geen warm water make and model you choose to go with on your new heating installation.

If you have more than two bathrooms in your home, then getting a 35 kW combi boiler or bigger is more than likely going to be the best choice for you. This is just a guide to give you some basic knowledge before hiring a heating installer or getting a heating installation quote.

Each installation job and home is different and has different requirements. If your home is really big, then getting a combi boiler installation may not be the right choice for you.

You should have professional advice from a Gas Safe heating engineer to suit your needs before making any decisions. Most companies will give you a free quote along with free advice so take advantage of this and get as many free heating installation quotes as possible.

What are the Best Boilers?

Well, this is a difficult question to answer but asked a lot so I will do my best to answer. Vaillant and Worcester boilers are probably the best known and trusted boilers on the market in the UK.

Getting one of these is a great choice as they are very reliable and trusted. Due to the quality and reliability, then you have to be prepared to pay more. It’s a bit like getting a BMW or Mercedes car, if you want the best then you have to pay the best prices.

Baxi and Ideal Heating boilers are very reliable boilers but not as expensive. Ideal Heating has a bit of a bad reputation because of an unreliable boiler they brought out years ago, but nowadays they make good quality, reliable and competitive boilers and I actually install more Ideal Logic + combi boilers than any other.

They come with 7-year warranties to give you that extra peace of mind with your new central heating installation and at really affordable prices that I can pass on to my customers.


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