Choosing the Right Ladies Wig for You

Wigs come in two main types according to the type of “hair” used – modacrylic or ‘acrylic’ fibre and real hair wigs. Ready-to-wear acrylic wigs are usually supplied in a ‘set’ style – and there are literally hundreds of styles and colours from which to choose. A common misconception is that real hair wigs are generally ‘better’ than acrylic wigs but the truth is it depends on your individual needs. Hair technology is so advanced that acrylic hair looks incredibly natural – and is no longer supplied in one ‘block’ colour. Hair is often a blend of several shades – just like natural hair. Ready-to-wear wigs are supplied in a specific style which suits those with busy lifestyles. Real hair wigs are normally supplied uncut and, as you would expect, require a degree of styling every day. They are also more expensive than acrylic wigs and need careful maintenance.

There are generally three types of ready-to-wear acrylic ladies wigs. These are: fully-wefted, monofilament top wigs and hand-tied. Fully-wefted wigs feature hair that is sewn into the base in strips or wefts all over the wig base. The top and parting area often have a look of backcombing at the root area because this hides the base and the root lift allows the wefts to be disguised. In terms of price, fully-wefted wigs tend to be amongst the cheapest available. This type of wig also particularly suits shorter styles with some height on top. Wefted wigs with a definite parting are available costing slightly more, look very natural and are favoured by many because of their moderate cost.

Monofilament top wigs – also known as ‘mono top’ wigs – are designed in a way that has a more natural-looking scalp. These tops are made from an ultra-fine mesh which has a skin-like appearance. On close inspection of the base, hair looks as though it is coming from the scalp. Mono tops can have wefted or hand-tied net backs. These types of ladies wigs are extremely popular because they are amongst the most natural-looking wigs available and can be parted on top any way you like.

Hand-tied wigs have fine comfortable stretchy net bases and the hair is lightly hand-knotted into the base. This type of wig is mostly available in shorter styles and is suitable for tender scalps or when a lighter, cooler feel is required. Some hand-tied wigs now come with lace fronts which are incredibly comfortable and supremely natural in appearance. Only a few wig ranges offer this type of wig which is of course more expensive than a wefted wig.

Real hair wigs are available as ready-to-wear or custom-made. Because of the expense, real hair wigs near me tend to be seen as an investment and are often seen as a particular benefit to those with long-term hair loss. Real hair wigs can be colour-matched to your natural hair or cut and styled according to your needs. The bases of real hair wigs tend to vary according to personal preference or need. Because this product is normally used for total hair loss, base materials tend to include silicone for extra grip and security.


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