Real Estate Development Team – Create It! Part 2

Understanding the core team behind a successful property development it crucial to your success in this industry. The next several issues will inform you the reader about who your team is and what you need to understand before you even think about starting to develop property! But before I start, you must also realise that there is a successful method to developing property and a non successful way. The successful way will provide you with the maximum profit and provide you with a winning team that will want to work with you again and again. What you also must understand is that it is important to realise what each member does, but it is not imperative that you know how to do their job!! You manage the ‘knowledge’. You must know who you are! With out you, no one gets paid. Remember that fact! So what my aim is here is to give you the fundamentals to what is required to build this team and the first steps are to understand your team members and give them respect! In the first issue we began with the key person in your development team, The Architect, and now we will focus on the Structural Engineer.

Structural engineers are involved with designing steel, concrete, or timber structures such as tall buildings and dams. Wastewater treatment engineers are another type of civil engineers that specialize in water treatment plants. Structural engineers are specialized civil engineers who are responsible for the design, inspection, analysis and evaluation of supporting and reinforcing structures. They are registered professionals responsible for designing and coordinating the work necessary to produce a safe and code-compliant structure. Structural engineers are divided into two sections, bridge engineering and building engineering. Furthermore they often specialize into a particular structure manufacture or construction, such as pipeline engineering or industrial structures.

Structural engineers are challenged daily with the “unique” and the “unusual” in the area of structural steel connections. New ways to make steel connections, and to design and  geotechnical engineer  evaluate them are an integral part of current research into steel and other ductile metals. Structural Engineers are professionals with the confidence of the public. Structural engineers are also helped today by computer software that can create models to study the effects of design changes and alternative building materials on a structure’s load bearing ability.

Civil and structural engineers are in high demand, and some areas of engineering are experiencing a skills shortage so they are eagerly recruiting. But don’t expect to just walk into a job: you’ll have to showcase your skills . Civil engineers frequently erroneously assume that they are competent to perform structural work on the basis of their tertiary education. This may be true in the design of the most elementary of structural elements. Civil engineers work in planning, designing, building research, plant operation, government, law, teaching and administration. Whatever their jobs, civil engineers must combine the technical expertise of the engineering profession with a social awareness and an interest in humanity.

Civil and structural engineers are trained and licensed to evaluate buildings and structures, whereas geotechnical and foundation engineers are trained to evaluate the soils and foundations. When hiring a consultant, you are asking an experienced professional to review a potential problem and possibly to provide plans and specifications for correcting the problem.

As with any of your team, look for referrals from professionals and interview and evaluate them and their works!

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