The Genesis Of Depression And Ways To Handle It

Am I depressed or just sad and lazy?

There is no room for a god gifted life to be ruined by anything that may signal a brazen intrusion to its hygienic safety and longevity, especially in light of the fact that not all the people are rich enough to afford the cost of quality medical treatments available.

But then again, some compulsive (unhygienic) hobbies like bloating up your belly with crunchy, crispy, salty stuffs, sedentary delight of watching idiot box programs, and cursing the alarm clock for its punctual, relentless buzz to try to wake you up in the morning – these hobbies collectively contribute development of an unhealthy physique.

And yes, there’s no divine wrath connected with your suffering from certain painful or incurable disease, blame your wrong lifestyle and everything unhealthy that you did for a short term pleasure.

In the context that life is a beautiful thing not to be ruined because of unhealthy behaviors, this article talks about depression, a very sickening and deliberately-invited mental illness, that (according to some medical reports) have familial relationship with some fatal diseases, cardiovascular included. Upon days of nurturing and without quality medication, depression can snuff the light out of the depressed.

So, what is depression? Most importantly, is there any reliable cue to figure out the depression early and nip it in the bud? Can we rely on medical treatments for depression? How to know if I am affected with depression? Can it kill the sufferer?

Well, the first thing is that I am not a certified doctor or psychologist who is supposed to have extensive knowledge about this sort of mental illness. However, I concur this disease signifies a patient’s imploding negative thoughts, swirling inside him like a crazy, highly torqued tornado, which upon attaining a certain level of extremity, blocks all the incoming (positive) thoughts into the mind and make the victim depressed.

Eventually, it cripples the patient’s will power to handle the implosion of negative/pessimistic thoughts. At the eventual state of the depression, the patient may prompt into anything considered (according to his discretion) a remedial solution to the mental disorder, and that may include suicidal attempt as well.

Yes, depression may instigate a patient to commit suicide. This signifies patient’s attaining zero-tolerance level towards the imploding train of negative thoughts. You may have seen many people displaying eccentric behaviors like talking to self in public, being lost in reverie, and absent minded staring at something for a long time. They display the sign of depression.

The sense of disparity immediately engulfs the depressed – my own realization after spending some days in the lap of depression caused by some self-invited bad circumstances (I realised some people intentionally invite depression by wrong decisions taken impulsively and without considering the consequences).

Is it possible to recognize you are depressed?

Yes, provided that you are well aware of the concept, depression.

There are many who mistake ‘thinking’ for depression, as both resemble someone’s resignation to endless pensiveness.

If you notice these physical and mental symptoms oftentimes, time to be alert or seek medical attention as they signal outcome of depression (and I am not talking comprehensive medical symptoms, just the common ones):

  • When you are depressed, your reaction to sleep, eating, daily activities and behavior is atypical. Means, you do not respond to them as usual as you have been. For instance, the depressed ones do not continue with their daily activities like morning exercise, getting up early in the morning, retiring to bed on time. They develop reluctance to their favorite hobbies; whether they are writing, reading or swimming. I bet, even though some depressed ones do these activities anyhow, they lack the ‘once bubbly’ and enthusiastic passion.
  • There is an abnormality in the way you behave with people or family. Say for example, if your dad suddenly enters into your study room without knocking at the door, your response under depression… sound unfriendly, and that is conveyed through the tone of your voice. Here, do not be mistaken that depression is a gradual process of development; it may affect you anytime in any given moment, depending on your receptiveness.

How to avoid getting depressed?

The glory of many adages lies in the beauty of their time-honored wisdom regardless of how we accept them. One of the adages – prevention is better than cure – stresses the relevancy here, telling that mental disorders like depression need to be kept at bay because only prevention is the best treatment against its occurrence.

Now you may question how to keep depression at bay.

Well, the answer is you need to recognize those things that trigger sense of depression in you.

Depression can be averted by recognizing the root cause of its origin. When you are depressed, you feel uneasiness, you react to things or people harshly, and you do not behave properly either. In addition, you think a lot, especially negatively. The best remedial solution to depression is to avoid at all cost all those things or people who give you negative vibes.

William Gibson once said:

“Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounding yourself with idiots.”

I read somewhere that life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of our reaction to those happenings. This quote is remarkable in the sense that it helped me know how to respond to a particular happening positively. To respond it by positive attitude, I, first of all, have to get to the bottom of it. Means, I need to recognize what it is before I respond.

The level of Dealing with emotions after a divorce may aggravate or lessen depending on your attitude of responding to the things that trigger it.

May be this piece of advice may turn most of readers off, but since it helped me, I hope, it may be helpful for others. Moreover, dependence on counseling or medical treatment will render you nothing except sucking all your hard-earned income.

Once I read an agony aunt column where an expert in the matter of psychology was suggesting to a query of an audience suffering from depression, telling him not to do this or that, follow this and that… and everything will be OK!

Technically speaking, I have never resorted to medical treatment of depression since I realized that this was a mental disorder and like any mental disorder, it was the patient and his will power that cured it.

Why it is necessary to recognize the root cause of depression?

Suppose you’re working in your office and your boss suddenly asks you do some works on high priority basis. As a duty-bound employee, you would comply with the given request. But what if you take it negatively?

For instance, you cite a reason of your inability to do the assignment. What next? You think, you’ve irritated your boss. Now you get depressed on the anticipation of getting fired, and you remain affected with the tension until the depression gets the best on you.

Meanwhile, nothing happens as you depressingly thought of. Later, you came to know the assignment was handed over to another employee (thanks to the sensitivity of your boss) and so, you just require doing your work as usual.

Had you approached in person to your boss rather than being depressed by the anticipation of irritating him more by not doing the work, you would have saved yourself from the mental torture of depression.

The problem with most of the human beings is that they do not ask or approach directly to a problem, but want to stay depressed. “What if he doesn’t believe me?” Many dubious self-asking-queries like this one often increases the level of depression.

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